Our Little Earth – Questions (Sample)

Our Little Earth

November 14, 2014

Quiz Questions

These questions can be answered based on the contents of the edition.

  1. Name the composer of “Ode to Joy”.

  2. The city of Mecca is located in which country?

  3. Name the founder of Alibaba Group Holding Limited who is also currently the richest man in China.

  4. The spacecraft Philae recently made a landing on a planet, a moon, or a comet?

  5. Name the person the bolivar fuerte is named after.

  6. Name the city Brandenburg Gate is located in.

  7. Name the painter of the “Starry Night”.

  8. Name the three tallest completed buildings in the world.

  9. Which year was the Berlin Wall torn down in?

  10. Name the president of Russia, president of the United States, president of China, the leader of the Catholic Church, and the Chancellor of Germany.

Fun Question

How can you add eight 8’s to get the number 1,000?

Study Questions

These questions require some research.

  1. Name the person who became the chancellor of Germany in 1933.

  2. Some of the people on the Forbes list “World’s Most Powerful People” for 2014 are Ban Ki-moon, Timothy Cook, Akio Toyoda, Christine Lagarde, and Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan. What positions do these people hold?

  3. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a famous composer. Which years did he live?

  4. Name the painters of Mona Lisa, The Scream, The Kiss, and Girl with a Pearl Earring.

  5. After World War II, Germany split into two nations – East and West parts. There is another nation that also split after World War II in 1948  into a North and South part, and those continue to be individual countries. Name the nations.