Kellogg pulls out of Venezuela

The American company Kellogg announced that it was closing its factory in Venezuela that employed locals and produced a popular breakfast cereal. The government announced that it was against the law to shut down the factory, and has taken over Kellogg’s operations in the nation. Kellogg had said it was shutting down because of worsening economic conditions in the country.




Kellogg is not the first company to shut down its operations in Venezuela. Kimberly-Clark, Clorox, and General Mills are some of the other companies that have pulled out. Venezuela is facing serious economic problems. There are shortages of basic food items and products. Prices of every-day foods such as eggs are very high. People aren’t able to afford simple nutritious meals. There aren’t enough medicines and toilet paper for people. The public transportation is not reliable. Scheduled buses don’t show up. Some people have been trying to leave the country. There aren’t enough teachers at schools and doctors at hospitals. There are water and power shortages. According to the Washington Post, in the first three months of this year, the country had over 7,000 blackouts.

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