A mace gets stolen

Nigeria’s senate was in progress, and some men stormed in, grabbed the ceremonial mace, and ran off with it. The ceremonial mace looks like a club with a heavy head on the end. It plays an important role in Nigeria’s senate. The mace usually lies on a table in front of the senate’s president, and is required to be in place for laws and bills to be passed. Luckily, there was a spare mace and the senate could continue with its work. A day later, the stolen mace was found under a flyover in the capital city of Abuja.

Nigeria got its independence from the British in 1960. It is now the most populous country in Africa (and 7th in the world). The national sport of the country is soccer. Nigerians love the sport so much that they once even stopped an ongoing civil war in 1967 for two days to watch a Brazilian soccer legend, Pelé, play a match. English is the official language, but there are over 500 languages spoken in the country. Many people speak pidgin, which is a mixture of English and native languages. Here are some examples:

How You Dey? – How are you doing today?
I no no – I don’t know
I Wan Chop – I want to eat

Did you know?

The Nigerian film industry is referred to as Nollywood.

Image Credits: onlinenigeria.com for the image of the mace
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