Elections in Azerbaijan

Presidential elections were held in Azerbaijan, and the nation’s current president won a fourth term. Ilham Aliyev has been the president since 2003, and his father was the president before him. Many of his opponents have complained that the elections were not fair.



In the past, a president could serve for only two 5-year terms. However, in the last decade, the constitution has been changed where a president can serve any number of terms. Also, each term is now 7 years long. Changes were also made to the constitution to create a Vice President position. Last year, Aliyev named his wife as the nation’s first Vice President.

Azerbaijan was part of the Soviet Union until 1991. Baku is the country’s capital and Azerbaijani is the official language. The famous world chess champion Garry Kasparov (image) was born in Baku. About half of the world’s mud volcanoes are in Azerbaijan. A mud volcano pushes out mud and gases through cracks in the ground.

Here is a video about mud volcanoes.

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