Two presidents win a second term

Presidential elections took place in the Czech Republic, and the current President Milos Zeman won another term. He won with just over 51% of the votes. Zeman is 73 years old and is known to be pro-Russia and anti-immigration.

The Czech Republic used to be part of another nation called Czechoslovakia. In 1993, Czechoslovakia split into two countries, one was the Czech Republic, and any guesses for the name of the other country? It was Slovakia.


Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez was sworn in for his second term. He is 49 years old. Some of Hernandez’s promises are to create jobs, tackle corruption, unite the nation, and decrease crime and violence. According to the constitution of Honduras, a president could only serve for one term. However, the Supreme Court of the nation gave Hernandez the go-ahead to run for a second term. There have been many complaints by Hernandez’s opponents of fraud during the elections.


The capital of Honduras is Tegucigalpa. Soccer is the most popular sport. In fact, the game even led to a war! Honduras was playing against El Salvador to qualify for the 1970 FIFA World Cup, when fans insulted and harassed each other’s teams. The tension between the two countries, which was already high, was further increased, and a four-day war broke out between them.

Image Credits: Presidencia de la República for the image of President Juan Orlando Hernandez, OISV for Zeman’s image