A change to O Canada

The Canadian Senate has passed a bill that will make the English version of the Canadian national anthem gender-neutral. The anthem, “O Canada”, has a phrase that reads, “in all thy sons command.” The bill changes these words to “in all of us.” Before it becomes the law, the bill has to get approval from the country’s governor general. “O Canada” officially became the country’s anthem in 1980. The national anthem has a French version as well.

Justin Trudeau (image) is the prime minister of Canada. Canada has a monarch, and her name is Elizabeth II. She is also the Queen of the United Kingdom. Canada is a Commonwealth country.




The maple tree and the beaver are two of Canada’s national symbols. One of the country’s landmarks is the CN Tower (image) located in Toronto. French and English are the official languages of the country. Canada is the second largest country in the world by area (after Russia), and it is the country with the longest coastline. Ottawa is its capital.




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