A bit more news

According to the American government agency, NASA, 2017 was the second-warmest year ever recorded (since record keeping started in 1880). The warmest year ever recorded was 2016. According to another American government agency, NOAA, 2017 was the third-warmest year ever recorded, with 2016 being the warmest followed by 2015. According to both agencies, the five warmest years on record all have taken place since 2010.

Moscow, the capital of Russia, saw only six or seven minutes of direct sunlight in December.




SplashData, a company based in the United States, publishes a list every year of the “worst” passwords. These passwords are terrible because they are the most leaked passwords on the Internet. SplashData published its list for 2017, and the worst of all the bad passwords was “123456” followed by “password”, “12345678”, and “qwerty”. The 16th worst password of 2017 was “starwars”.

As of January 1, 2018, a new law for companies and institutions employing more than 24 full-time workers annually has gone into effect in Iceland. The law states that an employer has to offer equal pay to women and men for jobs of equal value. Not only that, the companies and institutions need to get certification showing that they do offer equal pay.


January 31 will be a special day to observe the moon. Three lunar events are taking place, and its being called “the super blue blood moon”. It will be a blue moon, which means that January will see the second full moon. It will be a supermoon, which means that the moon will be at the closest point in its orbit to Earth, and so it will appear larger and brighter. It will be a blood moon, which means that a lunar eclipse will take place giving the moon a reddish color.


A new prime number has been found. It is the largest prime number ever discovered. Want to memorize it? It only has 23,249,425 digits. 🙂 If you really want to know the number, multiply together 77,232,917 twos, and then subtract one. Prime numbers are whole numbers greater than one that are divisible only by 1 and themselves.


Amazon has opened its first physical grocery store in Seattle, USA called Amazon Go. You just walk in, shop, and walk out. There is no checkout.

Here are 3 videos – one is about Amazon Go, the second is a prime number rap, and the last is a video showing the temperature of our planet over the years.


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