2017 Formula One

The Mexican Grand Prix was held on October 29 in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico. Lewis Hamilton, a 32-year-old from the United Kingdom, won the 2017 Formula One (F1) World Drivers’ Championship (WDC) with a ninth-place finish at the Mexican Grand Prix. He is with the Mercedes AMG Petronas racing team. Hamilton has won three previous F1 Championships as well in 2015, 2014 and 2008. The Mexican Grand Prix was won by the Belgian-Dutch racing driver Max Verstappen.


Wait a minute, what are “Formula One” and “Grand Prix” races? F1 consists of a series of races called Grand Prix. The number of Grand Prix races held in a year can change. The results of all the Grand Prix races are combined to determine the overall winner of the F1 Championship. The length of each race is around 300 km or 200 miles.


This year, 20 Grands Prix races are being held in various cities around the world. The first was held in Melbourne, Australia in March, and the last will be held in Abu Dhabi, UAE in November. The Mexican Grand Prix was the 18th race this year. So how can the winner of 20 races be decided after only 18 races, and that too with a ninth-place finish? Hamilton has such a big lead that even with a ninth-place finish, no one can catch up to him in the 2 remaining races. Here is a video showing the highlights from the Mexican Grand Prix.

Image Credits: https://www.instagram.com lewishamilton for Hamilton’s image, www.formula1.com for its logo and Mexican Grand Prix logo
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