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Many people in Thailand mourned and said their goodbyes to their late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. His funeral procession was held in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. The King died last year on October 13 at the age of 88. His body was kept at the Grand Palace in the capital for over a year. He was deeply loved and respected by the Thai people. King Bhumibol had ruled for 70 years.

The Frankfurt Book Fair, the world’s largest annual trade fair for books, was held from October 11 to October 15 in Frankfurt, Germany. Over 250,000 people attended the fair.



New Zealand has a new prime minister. Jacinda Ardern is the country’s third woman prime minister. She is 37 years old.




Want to send your name to Mars? NASA, the American space agency, is giving people an opportunity to add their names onto a microchip that will be onboard the spacecraft InSight. InSight is expected to start its journey to Mars in May 2018. NASA is accepting name submissions through November 1 on its website.


Not enough emojis out there to express what you are feeling?! No worries if you use an iPhone or iPad! Apple recently revealed hundreds of new emojis that will be released with its new upcoming mobile operating system (iOS 11.1). A few of them are a woman with a headscarf, a bearded person, a zombie, a person in the lotus position, a sandwich, and a coconut.

Here is the movie Moana As Told By Emoji and a video about the Frankfurt Book Fair.


Did you know?

There is an annual World Emoji Day celebrated on July 17.

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