Longer tweets

Ever felt that you couldn’t say all that you had to in a single 140-character tweet? Well, Twitter is increasing a tweet’s character count in some languages, such as English, to 280. That’s double!

Why not all languages? According to Twitter, the same idea can be expressed in fewer characters in some languages, for example, Japanese, but requires more characters in other languages, for example, English. Twitter will increase the character count for the languages where it feels people struggle to convey their thoughts in 140 characters. The increase in number of characters is currently being made for a small group of users.

Twitter is a news and social networking service with its headquarters in San Francisco, California, USA. Its CEO is Jack Dorsey (image). The Twitter account with the most followers is of Katy Perry @katyperry with over 100,000,000.



Image Credits: https://twitter.com for Twitter’s image, Andrew Mager for Jack Dorsey’s image
Sources: https://blog.twitter.com