Earthquake in Mexico

On September 19, a powerful earthquake struck central Mexico. It had a magnitude of 7.1 on the Richter scale. Buildings crumbled, homes collapsed, and power lines were damaged. Over 300 people have died, and thousands have been injured. It has caused a lot of damage, especially in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico.

In 1985 on September 19, a massive earthquake of magnitude 8.0 struck Mexico that caused an immense amount of destruction in the country’s capital city. Thousands of people died and tens of thousands were injured. On the anniversary of this earthquake, Mexico holds annual emergency disaster drills.

On September 19, around 11am in Mexico City, the sirens and alerts of the drill went on. People ran to safe areas. About 2 hours later, a real earthquake struck.

Mexico had recently suffered through another earthquake on September 7. The earthquake had struck the southwestern coast of Mexico near the Guatemala border. It had a magnitude of 8.1.

Here is a video about earthquakes.

Did you know?

Mexico City is listed amongst the top 20 most populated cities of the world.

Image Credits: ProtoplasmaKid for the collapsed building image in Mexico City, for the map image of the location of the earthquake, United States Geological Survey for the 1985 earthquake collapsed building image
Sources: NPR, CNN,, National Geographic