Eurovision Song Contest

The Eurovision Song Contest, an annual song competition for countries that are active members of the European Broadcasting Union, was recently held. This year, the contest took place in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. 42 countries participated. The winning song was “Amar pelos dois”, performed by Salvador Sobral for the country Portugal. This was Portugal’s first win ever. The song was in Portuguese.



Eurovision is one of the world’s largest and oldest music competitions. It started in 1956, and has been broadcast on TV every year since, making it one of the longest running television shows in the world. The participants can sing in any language they wish. The contest is held in the country of the previous year’s winner. Therefore, next year’s Eurovision will be held in Portugal.


Some of Eurovision’s contestants have gone on to become quite famous. ABBA (image) from Sweden (the 1974 winner), Céline Dion from Canada (the 1988 winner where she represented Switzerland), and Julio Iglesias from Spain (a 1970 participant) are some examples.

You can watch the winning song and Céline Dion’s winning song here.


Did you know?

Belgium’s song entries in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2003 and 2008 were in made-up languages.

Did you know?

The website for Eurovision is The “.tv” is the country Tuvalu’s Internet domain. It was sought by many TV stations across the world. In 2000, Tuvalu’s government leased its .tv domain to an American company in return for money.

Image Credits: for Sobral’d image, for Eurovision’s logo image, AVRO for ABBA’s image