Bombing in Manchester

On May 22, there was an explosion outside an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, United Kingdom. A 22-year-old British man blew up a bomb killing himself and 22 other people. More than 50 people were injured. The concert was over, and Grande had already left the stage when the bomb blast occurred. To show support to the United Kingdom, many countries lit up their landmarks in colors of the nation’s flag, known as the Union Jack.


The Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility for the attack. The IS is a group whose aim is to establish a state for Muslim people where strict Islamic law is followed. The group’s leader is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (image). He calls himself a spiritual leader of the Muslim people. The IS came out of another group in Iraq. It was well-funded and became very powerful. In 2014, the IS started taking over large parts of Iraq, and then moved on to take over parts of Syria. The group is known for being strict, harsh, and brutal. The IS has killed many people, including Muslims who don’t agree with its philosophy.


Ariana Grande (image) is a 23-year-old American singer and actress. She has cancelled her next shows which were to take place in London, the capital of the United Kingdom, and some other European cities. After the attack, she tweeted, “Broken. From the bottom of my heart, I am so so sorry. I don’t have words.”



Image Credits: for the image of Grande, for the image of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,
Sources: New York Times