A bit more news

Japan’s Princess Mako is planning to marry a commoner. According to Japan’s Imperial Law, if a princess marries a commoner, she has to give up her royal status. The law also only allows the throne to be passed on to a prince (and not a princess). Mako is 25 years old, and her grandfather is the current Emperor of Japan.


After 146 years, the American circus company the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus came to a close on May 21. The company shut down because it wasn’t making enough money to support the business. There was also a lot of pressure from animal rights groups to stop using animals as performers. The circus was known as the “Greatest Show on Earth”.


Remember the song “Gangnam Style” sung by the K-pop (Korean pop) star PSY? Well, PSY has a new song out called “I Luv It”.




The prestigious American university, Harvard, accepted a rap album as a student’s thesis in the English undergraduate program. Obasi Shaw graduated with honors.

Here is a little clip with the American Declaration of Independence from Shaw’s thesis, along with 4 videos. The first is about Princess Mako. The second is about the Ringling Bros. The third is PSY’s new song. The last is about how the Internet works.





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