Free chickens and ducks in Tonga

The nation of Tonga has given out thousands of free baby ducks and chickens to its citizens. The reason? The government wants Tongans to be healthier by eating less fatty meats. The expectation is that people will raise these animals, breed them, and eventually use them for their meat.

According to the CIA World Factbook, Tonga is the world’s fifth most obese nation. That means Tonga has the 5th largest percentage of a country’s adult population in the obese category. Many people suffer from illnesses such as diabetes and heart diseases caused by being overweight. Tonga imports meats from other nations, and many of the meats are “fatty”. The government has also been offering discounts on fresh fish, a healthier alternative.

Tonga is an island nation consisting of about 170 islands in the Pacific Ocean. The capital of the country is Nukuʻalofa. Tonga is one of the first countries to welcome each New Year since it is just west of the International Date Line.

Here is a video about obesity.


Image Credits: for the tonga map, for the chick’s image
Sources:, CIA World Factbook, BBC