A bit more news

A fun train event just took place for folks into game development. It was called the Train Jam. Folks boarded a train in Illinois, USA on February 23, and about 50 hours later, they reached California, USA. On the train, they worked together developing games and learning from each other.

The Berlin International Film Festival ended on February 18 in Berlin, the capital of Germany. The best film award called the “Golden Bear” was won by the Hungarian movie ‘On Body and Soul’.

An 8th continent? Some scientists believe that New Zealand, New Caledonia, and other islands near them should be reclassified as being part of their own continent. They are calling the 8th continent Zealandia.



The city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is planning to start running Autonomous Aerial Vehicles later this year. These vehicles will basically be drone taxis that fly humans from one place to the other.


Scientists have discovered seven Earth-sized planets orbiting around a single star called TRAPPIST-1.

Here are videos about Zealandia, the drone taxi, and TRAPPIST-1.




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