Ban on Valentine’s Day celebrations

On February 13, the High Court in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad put out a ban on Valentine’s Day celebrations in public areas across the country. The reasoning is that Valentine’s Day is not part of Pakistani culture. There have been protests by various groups in the country in the past against Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Some organizations in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and Saudi Arabia asked their citizens not to celebrate Valentine’s Day because it is not part of their culture.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated on February 14. It is considered to be a day to express affection for the people you care for. Folks exchange cards, chocolates, flowers, balloons, and other gifts with their loved ones.

Islam is the official religion of Pakistan, with over 96% of all citizens being Muslims. The Urdu language, which is the national language of the nation, is written from right to left (unlike English). yad ecin a evah! (Get it? Try reading it like you would Urdu – right to left).

Here is a video about Valentine’s Day.


Image Credits: Chordboard for the Valentine’s Day image, for the red heart balloon image
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