The Gambian President

Senegalese troops have entered The Gambia. Senegal is not at war with The Gambia. The troops are there to help the new president take on his role as president.

Presidential elections were held in The Gambia last year. Adama Barrow (image) defeated the country’s president Yahya Jammeh and won the elections. Jammeh had been the leader of The Gambia for 22 years, and he rejected the results. He still refuses to step down. Barrow went to The Gambian Embassy in Senegal, and was sworn in as president there. Some African nations, including Senegal and Nigeria, have offered to help Barrow take over as president.

Many Gambians are leaving the country because of fear of fighting breaking out while the two leaders are trying to figure out who will be the president of the nation.

The Gambia has a short coastline on the Atlantic Ocean, with the rest surrounded by Senegal. Its capital is Banjul. Here is a video about this news story.


Image Credits: SULAIMAN LEIGH for Barrow’s image
Sources: New York Times