Fastest rising search terms on Google for 2016

As we say goodbye to 2016, here are some of the fastest rising search terms on Google for last year: “Donald Trump” (the winner of the American presidential election), “Michael Phelps” (the American swimmer), “Simone Biles” (the American gymnast), “Pokémon Go” (the mobile game), “iPhone 7” (Apple’s new smartphone), “Rio Olympics” (the Olympic Games held in Brazil), “Brexit” (United Kingdom breaking away from the European Union), “Prince” (the American singer-songwriter who passed away last year), and “The Revenant” (the American film that won many awards last year). It’s interesting that the popular search terms in a year hint at some of the major events that took place on our planet. Here are 2 videos showing major events of 2016.


Image Credits: for the year in search image
Sources:, Behind the News