The Netherlands and Belgium swap land

The Netherlands and Belgium signed a treaty on November 28 to exchange some land at the Maas River (also known as Meuse). Belgium is giving two parcels of land in exchange for one from the Netherlands. Nobody lives on these lands.


In 1961, work was done to straighten some of the bends in the Maas river. Because of this work, these pieces of land were left on the wrong side of the border, and the two nations had problems accessing their own territories. The swap will make it much easier for both countries to get to their own land. The treaty has to now be approved by the parliaments of both nations.

People from Belgium are called Belgians and people from the Netherlands are called Dutch.

Did you know?

1961 was an interesting year as it read the same when turned upside down. The next time we encounter a year that reads the same when it’s upside down is 6009.

Image Credits: and ProvincieLimburg for the map images