Prisoners being released in Turkey

On July 15, a group in Turkey’s military tried to take over the country and overthrow the current President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Such an attempt is called a coup. In this case, the coup failed as it did not get the support of the citizens or other folks in the military. Erdogan ordered his troops to bring in all people who could have any links to the coup attempt for questioning. Over 20,000 people have since been arrested or detained.


Turkey’s government recently announced that 38,000 prisoners are going to be released on parole. These prisoners have been in jail since before the coup attempt and have been in prison for nonviolent crimes. Some believe that this is to make space in the jails for all the people who are being detained because of the coup.

Image Credits: Cancillería del Ecuador for Erdogan’s image
Sources: New York Times