Mount Everest climbers back in action in Nepal

Some Sherpas have made their way to the top of Mount Everest from the Nepali side. It’s quite an achievement as very few climbers have made it to the top of the mountain from the Nepali side in the last two years. In April 2014, an avalanche on Mount Everest killed some Sherpas. Sherpas are a group of people who live in the mountainous region of Nepal. Some of them work as mountain guides who help people climbing the mountain by carrying their stuff, helping put up tents, cooking food, and also fixing ropes on the mountain that the climbers use. After the avalanche, the Sherpas refused to climb the mountain that year. Without the help from the Sherpas, it’s very difficult for the climbers to make it to the top of the mountain from the Nepali side. In April 2015, a massive earthquake struck Nepal, causing an avalanche on the mountain which killed some climbers. After that, the government stopped all climbers from going up the mountain from Nepal.

Mount Everest is the highest point on Earth. It sits on the border between Nepal and China and has a height of 8,848 m (29,029 ft). May is considered the best month to climb to the top of Mount Everest, and on a day with good weather, there can be a human traffic jam in certain sections of the climb. Climbers have the option to go up the mountain from either the Nepali side or the Chinese side.

Some climbers from the Chinese side have left their mark on the mountain by writing graffiti such as “I was here” on monuments and signs. The Chinese government has decided that they will use media to shame people who leave graffiti while doing the climb. Every climber is registered so it isn’t difficult to figure out who was there according to when the graffiti shows up on the mountain.

One of the most famous Sherpas is Tenzing Norgay (image). In 1953, he climbed to the summit of Mount Everest along with Edmund Hillary (from New Zealand), making them the first people to reach the peak.


Image Credits: SAS Scandinavian Airlines for Norgay’s image, Luca Galuzzi for Mount Everest’s image

Sources: BBC