A bit more news

On May 22, Canada won the 2016 Men’s Ice Hockey World Championship defeating Finland. Sixteen countries participated in the Championship games which were held in Russia. The tournament is held annually.

On May 25, an underground water pipe burst under a road in Florence, Italy. The road collapsed, and the cars on the road fell into the hole.

A lady in Texas, United States posted a video of herself. She was trying on a face mask of Chewbacca (a character from the Star Wars movies) and was laughing hysterically. Her video, with over 140 million views, broke the Facebook record for the “most-watched live video” ever.

The world’s largest cruise ship is now the Harmony of the Seas (image) owned by the Royal Caribbean. It was completed this month. Its passenger capacity is about 6,000 people with a crew of over 2,000.

Google recently announced a new product called Google Home. It is a voice-activated device that allows a person to get answers from Google, stream music, change the temperature, turn on lights in a room, order a taxi from Uber, and manage other everyday tasks.

You can watch a video about the Ice Hockey Championship here, and another showing the top 5 goals and saves. There are also videos about the sinkhole in Florence, the Chewbacca mask, Harmony of the Seas, and Google Home.

Image Credits:  Minas Panagiotakis / HHOF-IIHF Images for Canadian hockey image, kees torn for largest cruise ship image

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