Some fun stuff

Facebook has added 5 more buttons to its thumbs up like button. They are the red heart (“love”), laughing face (“haha”), surprised face (“wow”), tearing face (“sad”), and angry face (“angry”).

An animated movie called Loving Vincent is in the making. The film is about the painter Vincent van Gogh. His story is going to be told by his paintings and the characters in them.

An American astronaut (Scott Kelly) and a Russian astronaut (Mikhail Kornienko) returned back to Earth on March 1 after spending nearly a year on the International Space Station.

The farthest galaxy ever seen in the universe is now the galaxy ‘GN-z11’. Its light has taken 13.4 billion years to reach us. (Our universe is approximately 13.8 billion years old.)

Here are 4 videos – one about leap years (we just celebrated leap day on February 29), another about Loving Vincent, one about what outer space does to your body, and the last showing GN-z11.



Image Credits: for Facebook’s reactions image

Sources:,, NASA