Billionaires in the world

Forbes, an American magazine, comes out with a list of the world’s richest people every year. The richest person in the world once again is Bill Gates (image), an American who co-founded the software company Microsoft and runs the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Gates has held the title the last two years as well. Not only that, he has held the top spot for 17 of the past 22 years. He is worth US$75 billion. Amancio Ortega, the Spanish founder of the Zara fashion brand, holds the second place with US$67 billion. The CEOs of both Amazon (Jeff Bezos) and Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) made it to the list of the world’s top 10 richest people for the first time. Bezos is the 5th and Zuckerberg is the 6th richest person in the world.

There were 1,826 billionaires (in US dollars) in the world last year. This year, the number has gone down to 1,810. The total net worth of all the billionaires is US$6.48 trillion. The United States has the largest number with 540, followed by China (mainland plus Hong Kong) with 320, and Germany with 120. The youngest billionaire is Alexandra Andresen, a 19-year-old Norwegian heiress. You can view the complete list of the billionaires here.

Did you know?

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation focuses on helping people around the globe by reducing poverty and improving healthcare and education. Here is a video about Bill Gates.

Image Credits: for the image of Bill Gates