A disease called Zika has spread across people in some Central and South American countries such as Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, and Brazil. The disease spreads through bites from mosquitoes infected with the Zika virus. The most common symptoms caused by the virus are not very serious (fever, rash, and red eyes). The virus has also been linked to brain development problems in babies born to moms who were infected with Zika while they were pregnant. There are currently no medicines to treat Zika and no vaccines to prevent infection from the virus. The governments of nations and international health organizations are working to stop the virus from spreading.

Did you know?

The Indian carmaker Tata Motors  is going to launch a new hatchback car called Zica. It recently announced that it will rename its car because of the name sounding like the virus, Zika.

Image Credits: http://www.cdc.gov/ for the map
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