North Korea launches a satellite

On February 7, North Korea launched a satellite into orbit, which upset the United Nations and some countries, including South Korea, Japan, and the United States. Satellites are sent to space on rockets. Similar rocket technology can be used to launch weapons to other nations. The countries that were upset at North Korea believe that this was North Korea’s way of testing out its long-range rocket technology. These countries fear that North Korea might develop its rocket technology where it can fire off weapons to attack them.

North and South Korea were part of a single country called Korea until 1948, when it split into two nations. The border between the two is one of the most guarded borders in the world. There isn’t much communication between North Korea and the rest of the world. The North Korean government very strictly controls many aspects of its citizens’ lives. It is very difficult to visit North Korea or for its citizens to leave. North Korea has been led by people from the same family since it was founded. Kim Jong-un (image) is the current leader, and his grandfather and father were the leaders before him. He is believed to be 33 years old. North Korea’s capital is Pyongyang.

Here is a video about how satellites are launched.

Image Credits:User P388388 on Wikimedia Commons for the portrait of Kim Jong-un
Sources:, BBC