Big Mac index

A magazine called The Economist recently published its new Big Mac index. This is the cost of McDonald’s Big Mac burgers in some countries around the globe. Among the countries compared by the Economist, in January, the highest average price of a Big Mac was in Switzerland for US$6.44, and the lowest was in Venezuela for US$0.66. If you love to eat those burgers, you know where to head!

Since 1986, The Economist has been publishing the cost of Big Macs in a few countries. It’s not that the editors of the magazine love these burgers so much (although, they actually might) but it was a fun way to show the price of “an identical basket of goods and services” in any two countries. Here the “goods” used for comparison purposes were the Big Macs.

You can view the Big Mac index for January 2016 here, and watch a video about the index here.

Did you know?

There are over 35,000 McDonald’s restaurants in more than 100 countries around the world. Nearly 70 million people are served every day.

Image Credits: for the image of the Big Mac