Elections in Argentina

Presidential elections were held in Argentina, and Mauricio Macri (image) won. Macri is a 56-year old politician, and will take on the role as president in December. One of his pledges is to improve Argentina’s economy, which has been struggling in recent years.


Argentina got its name from “Argentum”, the Latin word for silver. The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires, which is also home to a slang called Lunfardo. A slang is a type of language that is more informal and some playful words are used instead of regular ones. Lunfardo mixes Spanish words with some words from other languages. The slang uses the syllables of some words in reverse, so as to confuse listeners who don’t know it. For example, “gomia” means “amigo” (friend), “zapi” is “pizza”, and “feca” is “café” (coffee). Spanish is the official language of the country. The first feature-length animated film in the world was an Argentinian movie called “El Apostol” (image). It was made in 1917, using about 58,000 drawings. All copies of the film were destroyed in a fire in the 1920s.


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