Elections in Guatemala

Guatemala held presidential elections, and Jimmy Morales won. Before he got into politics, Morales was a television comedian. He is 46 years old and was part of a TV comedy show for 14 years. He won the elections winning over 65% of the votes. The previous president of Guatemala resigned in September. He was accused of being involved in fraud and accepting bribes and has been placed in jail. Two of Morales’ proposals for things he would like to do if he became president were to put GPS trackers on teachers to make sure they attend their classes and give out smartphones to children who cannot afford them.

The name of the capital city of Guatemala is easy to remember: it is Guatemala City. The flag of Guatemala has two blue stripes on the sides with a white stripe in the middle. The two blue stripes represent the fact that the country is between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.


Did you know?

Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras all border each other, and the three countries all have flags with two bands of blue color and one band of white color.

Image Credits: http://jimmymorales.gt/ for Morales’ image, CIA World Factbook
SourceS: NPR, Reuters, Al Jazeera