New words added to the Oxford English Dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary added new words to its online dictionary. There is a new word to describe something as excellent, and that is “awesomesauce”. If something is of poor quality, the new phrase for that is “weak sauce”. Some of the entries are abbreviations that have become popular in electronic communication such as “NBD” (no big deal), “rly”  (really), and “SJW” (social justice warrior).  Some other words are “hangry” (irritable as a result of hunger), “snackable” (food suitable to be eaten as a snack), “melty” (melting or partially melted), “YouTuber“ (a frequent user of the video-sharing website YouTube), “pwn” (utterly defeated by an opponent), and “butt-dial” (accidentally call someone on a mobile phone in one’s rear trouser pocket).

Here is a video about the new word “pwn”.



Image Credits: for the new words’ image