Fight of the century

Energy officials were urging folks in the Philippines to not use their air conditioners and washing machines for a few hours on May 2. This was in an effort to make sure there was enough power for a large number of television sets that were going to be turned on during that time all across the country. A professional boxing match was taking place between Manny Pacquiao (of the Philippines, nicknamed Pac-Man) and Floyd Mayweather (of the United States, nicknamed Money). The fight between the two men was called  the “Fight of the Century,” and took place in Las Vegas, USA. The two men are amongst the world’s biggest boxing stars, and the match took a few years of planning to set up. Mayweather was the winner. Money (Mayweather) earns a lot of money. He was ranked as the world’s highest-paid athlete last year by Forbes Magazine. You can see the list here. Not only does Mayweather box, he can also dance. He took part in an American dance competition called Dancing with the Stars in 2007.

Image Credits: Wikipedia and Daily Mail for the fight’s image