Elections in the United Kingdom

Elections were held in the United Kingdom to choose the 650 members of parliament. Each member belongs to a political party, and the leader of the party with the most number of members usually becomes the prime minister. The current prime minister’s political party won the majority. Therefore, David Cameron will continue to be the prime minister of the United Kingdom. He has held the post since 2010.

The United Kingdom is made up of four main areas called Northern Ireland, England, Wales, and Scotland. The part of the UK called Northern Ireland is located on the island of Ireland, an island that is shared with another country called the Republic of Ireland (and often just called Ireland). The other three parts are all part of the island known as the Great Britain. (There are some more smaller islands that are part of the UK.)

Did you know?

10 Downing Street (London) is the official residence and office of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Image Credits: https://www.gov.uk for Cameron’s image

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