World’s oldest people

Misao Okawa, a Japanese woman who was the oldest known living person in the world, recently died at the age of 117. Gertrude Weaver, a 116-year-old American, became the world’s oldest person. However, just five days after earning the title, she passed away as well. The 115-year-old American woman, Jeralean Talley, is now the world’s oldest person. Okawa, Weaver, and Talley were all born in the 1800s. The world population grew by over 5 billion people during their lifetimes. According to the Gerontology Research Group’s data, there are only 4 people alive on our planet who were born in the 1800s.

The oldest known person who has ever lived was Jeanne Calment (image), a  French woman who died in 1997 at the age of 122 years.

Here is a video about the growth of earth’s population and another about population pyramids.



In 8000 B.C., the population of the world was approximately 5 million. In 1804, the world population reached one billion. Today, our population is approximately 7.2 billion.