Hubble’s 25th anniversary

Hubble is a telescope that was sent into space on April 24, 1990 by NASA, the American space agency. Many folks around the globe are celebrating the telescope’s 25 years of service and many call it the most powerful scientific instrument ever built.

The telescope is named after the American astronomer Edwin Hubble. It lives at 560 km (350 miles) above Earth. Hubble weighs as much as two full-grown African elephants. Its length is of a large school bus. It has been orbiting our planet at a speed of 28,164 km/hour (17,500 miles/hour). While it whizzes around our planet, it is busy clicking photographs and sending data to astronomers around the globe. Astronauts have made several trips up to Hubble to fix and upgrade it.

Hubble has assisted us in making many discoveries about our Universe. We’ve learnt about how stars, planets, and galaxies are formed. We’ve confirmed the existence of black holes. Many distant galaxies have been discovered thanks to Hubble. It has helped us figure out the age of our universe (13.7 billion years old). We’ve also learnt that our universe is expanding faster and faster as time is going on.

Here are two videos about Hubble and Hubble.


Image Credits: NASA for Hubble’s image
Sources: NASA