April Fools’ Day

Many celebrated April Fools’ Day on April 1. It is a day when many people around the globe play pranks and have fun fooling their friends. Why do people celebrate this day? Well, nobody knows for sure. However, one popular belief takes us back about 430 years, when the Catholic countries of Europe started following the Gregorian calendar, the calendar which most of us around the world follow today. It was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582. Before this, these Catholic countries followed the Julian calendar. When the Gregorian calendar was adopted, the start of the New Year was moved from April 1 to January 1. However, some people continued to celebrate the start of the New Year on April 1. They were considered foolish and people played pranks on them.

This year, many companies played pranks. Google released a Pac-Man version of Google Maps. You could play Pac-Man on the streets of the maps. Just for the day, Google also had a reverse Google site. You could visit com.google, which displayed a search engine in reverse. Samsung, the company that makes fancy gadgets, announced a new kitchen device called the Galaxy BLADE edge (image). It was a smart knife with smartphone capabilities. BMW announced a mouth guard for athletes.

Sony introduced PlayStation Flow, which combined gaming with real-life swimming. When you got to an underwater section of a game, you would pause the game, go to a real pool, jump in, and continue with the game. Microsoft announced a new way to search the Internet. You go to its search engine Bing’s homepage. You put the palm of your hand on a computer screen. Bing analysed the electrical signals transmitted through the hand and figured out the search terms (image).

The shoe company Miz Mooz announced selfie shoes. Uber, the taxi company, announced that instead of a taxi, you could request an elephant to take you to your destination (only in South Africa). Domino’s Pizza, the restaurant chain, introduced its new driverless delivery scooter. CERN, the European research institute, announced the existence of the Force (as in the Star Wars movies). Scientists working at CERN were shown using the Force to do some simple tasks such as reheating their coffees (image).

A famous April Fool’s joke was played on the British television in 1957. A news story was presented about spaghetti growing on trees.

Here are 5 videos with some of the pranks. Hope you had fun tricking somebody or being tricked!


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