A bit more news

Could it have been raining “earthworms” in Norway? People have observed large numbers of earthworms on thick snow in parts of the country. Could they have crawled up through the thick snow? Some scientists don’t think that the earthworms would have dug their way up through the snow. They say that strong winds might be responsible for carrying them over.

Researchers in the United States have used software that analyzes texts to conclude that the play “Double Falsehood” was written by William Shakespeare (image). Lewis Theobald was known to have written Double Falsehood in 1728. He is also known to have based this play on some of Shakespeare’s scripts. However, the computer software points towards Shakespeare being the play’s author. There are parts in the play that could have been written by another playwright who lived around the same time as Shakespeare. Shakespeare was an English playwright and poet who lived from 1564 to 1616. Theobald was an author and lived in the United Kingdom from 1688 to 1744.

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