Pee pee power

A new toilet has been placed at a campus of the University of the West of England in the United Kingdom. The students and staff are being encouraged to go pee in that toilet. It is no ordinary toilet. It is special because it will convert pee into electricity. The aim of the experiment is to create toilets that generate enough electricity to have lighting within the toilet’s cubicle. If successful, these toilets will be placed in refugee camps. Refugee camps are temporary living areas for people who have been forced to flee from their home countries because of safety concerns caused by war or other reasons. Many of these camps have toilets without any power source. Part of the funding for this project comes from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The foundation is involved in running a program called “Reinvent the Toilet Challenge”. Here is a video about it.

Image Credits: and University of West England, Bristol for Pee Power’s image
Sources:,University of West England, Bristol