Peace in Ukraine

Leaders of Ukraine, Russia, Germany, and France have worked together to reach a deal to end the fighting in eastern Ukraine. The truce will start on February 15 bringing an end to a conflict that has gone on for about a year.


Since November 2013, there has been unrest in Ukraine. At that time, many Ukrainians were unhappy with their government because the country’s president wanted stronger ties with Russia, whereas many people wanted stronger ties with other European nations. In February 2014, the pro-Russian president left Ukraine and a temporary government was put in place. However, the people in a region of Ukraine named Crimea were unhappy about this. Many living in Crimea considered themselves as “Russians”, even though the area was legally part of Ukraine. In March 2014, Crimea declared itself as part of Russia, and Russia accepted. Ukraine and many nations around the globe called this act illegal.

The situation in Ukraine got worse. In April 2014, pro-Russian folks in some eastern towns of Ukraine wanted their regions to become part of Russia as well. They took over some towns. The government’s forces started fighting these groups to get back control of the areas. The fighting between the country’s army and the pro-Russian groups in eastern Ukraine has been going on since then.

Petro Poroshenko took over as the country’s new president in June 2014. He is known as the ‘Chocolate King’ since he owns a candy and sweets company.

Folks in Ukraine really enjoy eating at McDonald’s, the fast food chain restaurant . The McDonald’s in Kiev (the capital of Ukraine) at Station Square was among the top five most visited McDonald’s restaurants in the world from 2006 to 2013. The Arsenalna Station in Kiev is one of the deepest metro stations in the world at a depth of 105 meters (344 feet). Here is a video showing the escalator ride down the Arsenalna Station and another video playing a famous Ukrainian lullaby called “Oi Khodyt Son Kolo Vikon”.


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