Festivals around the globe

People around the globe took part in various festivals and carnivals. One of the world’s most famous annual street festivals took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Rio Carnival is famous for its fancy floats, dazzling costumes, and samba dances (a Brazilian style of dance). Another big festival was held in the town of Ivrea in Italy. A highlight of this festival is a big food fight where people throw oranges at each other. Mardi Gras, a famous street party, took place in New Orleans, USA. During Mardi Gras, people wear fancy costumes and take part in parades. Many people in Venice, Italy celebrated at the Carnival of Venice. People wear very elaborate masks at this Carnival. In the city of Menton in France, the Fête du Citron is currently going on. It is a festival of citrus. Giant designs made up of lemons and oranges are on display. Parades take place with large floats. Here is a video showing the Fête du Citron 2014.


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