A hundred chosen by Mars One

Mars One has selected a hundred people who might be moving homes to our neighboring planet Mars. Mars One is a private not-for-profit company based in the Netherlands. It has plans to send people to Mars. In 2018, the company will send a spacecraft (without people) which is expected to test things out. The first people will reach Mars in 2025, followed by more people arriving on the planet every two years. When are they going to come back? Well, they aren’t. The mission is to start a human settlement on Mars, and  it is a one-way trip. Over 200,000 people have signed up to be part of this mission, but of course, not everybody will get to escape Earth. Out of all the people who have signed up, Mars One has now chosen a hundred.

Here is a video about it.


Image Credits: ww.mars-one.com for Mars One’s plans image
Sources: http://www.cnet.com/, ww.mars-one.com