Fastest rising search terms on Google for 2014

As we say goodbye to 2014, here are some of the fastest rising search terms on Google for last year: “Robin Williams” (an American actor and comedian who died in August ), “World Cup” (the 2014 FIFA World Cup soccer games that took place in Brazil), “Ebola”  (the virus that saw an outbreak in some West African countries), “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” (a challenge that went viral last year; once challenged, you poured icy water on yourself or you donated a hundred dollars to the ALS organization), “Flappy Bird” (a mobile game that gained popularity in 2014), “Conchita Wurst” (the Austrian singer who won last year’s Eurovision contest), “ISIS” (a group that has been taking over parts of Syria and Iraq), “Frozen” (Disney’s computer-animated movie released in 2013 and the top-grossing animated film of all time), and “Sochi Olympics” (the 2014 Winter Olympic Games that were held in Sochi, Russia). It’s interesting that the popular search terms in a year hint at the major events that took place on our planet. Here is a video showing major events of 2014.


Image Credits: for Google’s logo