Most searched, most watched, most tweeted

 Yahoo! put out its list of the most searched terms for 2014, and its number one searched term is “Ebola” (a disease that has led to many deaths in some African nations this year). This was followed by “Minecraft” (a video game created by a Swedish company, which was bought by the American company Microsoft this year). In the top ten are “Ariana Grande” (an American actress and singer), “Jennifer Lawrence” (an American actress), “iPhone 6” (Apple’s phone), and “Frozen” (Disney’s computer-animated movie released last year and is now the top-grossing animated film ever). According to Yahoo!, this year’s biggest obsession was the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (once challenged, you poured icy water on yourself or you donated a hundred dollars to the ALS organization). The most searched food term, according to Yahoo!, was “banana bread”.

Time magazine said that the most powerful commercial for 2014 was Budweiser’s advertisement called “Puppy Love”. Nike’s commercial “Winner Stays” is also amongst the top ten.

The “Golden Tweet”,  the most-retweeted Tweet, of 2014 was @TheEllenShow’s photo from the March Oscars telecast. It received over 3 million retweets.Here is a link to the photo. The top trending video of 2014 on YouTube was “Mutant Giant Spider Dog (SA Wardega)”  followed by Nike’s commercial “Winner Stays”. Amongst the top ten videos were those of a nun performing at the Voice of Italy, two boys singing at the Britain’s Got Talent show, an iPhone 6 Plus bend test, and Budweiser’s “Puppy Love”. Each of these videos was watched more than 50 million times.

Glassdoor, a website that collects reviews of companies from their employees, reported that the best company to work at was Google. It had collected information about companies across the United Kingdom and the United States.

You can watch some of the videos mentioned here.

Did you know?

YouTube is owned by Google. Instagram, a photo and video sharing app that has 300 million users every month (more than Twitter), is owned by Facebook.

Did you know?

500 million Tweets per day are sent by people across the world. 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. 70 million photos and videos are shared every day on Instagram.

Image Credits: for the ALS Ice Bucket image, Google for its logo
Sources:, Time Magazine,,,, instagram