Driverless challenges

2014 Maritime RobotX Challenge was held in Singapore. Teams from 15 universities around the globe took part in the competition. The overall winner was the MIT-Olin team (from the United States). The competition involved building a self-driving boat. The boat had to be able to avoid obstacles, detect objects, and search for underwater sound emitting sources.

This wasn’t the only “self-driving” challenge that has taken place recently. There was another one held in China for universities and institutions in the country. It was a self-driving car challenge called The Future Challenge 2014. Twenty-two cars took part in driving around a course with obstacles. It wasn’t like the usual car races with the roars of engines. The cars were focused on safety and a smooth ride.

If a car doesn’t have a driver then who has the license? In 2012, the state of Nevada in the United States issued the first driverless car license. It was to one of Google’s Toyota Prius cars that could drive itself around.

You can watch videos of the two competitions here.

Image Credits: for the boat’s image