Guinness World Records Day 2014

November 13 was Guinness World Records Day. It is a day celebrated annually where people around the globe get together to break world records. To mark this day, the world’s tallest and shortest living men met for the first time in London, UK. Sultan Kösen (from Turkey) has a height of 2m 51cm (8ft 3in) and Chandra Bahadur Dangi (from Nepal) has a height of 54.6 cm (21.5 in).

Over 600,000 people participated by trying to break records. Some of the new records set were the most people eating breakfast in bed (China), farthest basketball shot made backwards (USA), fastest 100m running on all fours (Japan), most paper aircrafts made in five minutes (Japan), most people head banging simultaneously (Australia), largest gathering of people dressed as penguins (UK), and largest collection of Nintendo Entertainment System paraphernalia (UAE).

You can watch a video about the day here.


Image Credits: for Kosen and Dangi’s image