Trouble in Burkina Faso

Many people in Burkina Faso are protesting against the country’s president, Blaise Compaore. He has been the leader for the last 27 years. Next year, the presidential elections are scheduled to be held in the nation. According to the constitution, Compaore cannot take part as he has already reached the limit for how many consecutive terms he can serve as president. The country’s politicians were recently going to conduct a vote to change the constitution to allow a person to be president for longer. If the change had been approved, it would have allowed Compaore to run again next year. The citizens got very upset, and the vote hasn’t taken place yet.

The name of the country’s capital city has three sets of the vowels “ou”. The capital is Ouagadougou.

Image Credits: Amanda Lucidon / White House for Compaore’s image
Sources: Al Jazeera,