Minecraft part of Microsoft

Mojang, the Swedish company known for its video game called Minecraft, was bought by the American company Microsoft. The deal was for US$2.5 billion. Minecraft is a very popular game and was launched in 2009. It is a game where you use blocks to create structures and towns. Over 16,000,000 people have purchased either the PC or Mac version of the game.

Microsoft has many products including the video game console Xbox One and games such as Halo and Forza Motorsport. Some of the other products it is known for are its Windows operating system, the Bing Internet search engine, and the Skype Internet platform. Skype was started by some Europeans and Microsoft acquired the company in 2011. Microsoft’s market capitalization (an estimation of the value of the business) today is over US$350 billion. Its current Chief Executive Officer is Satya Nadella (image). Microsoft was founded in 1975 by two American engineers, Bill Gates and Paul Allen. They were school friends, and neither finished his university education. They went on to start Microsoft. Both of them are very wealthy people, and Gates was ranked by Forbes magazine as the richest person in the world in 2013. Both of them are involved in improving lives of other people and are generous donors of money. Gates founded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which focuses on helping people around the globe by reducing poverty and improving healthcare and education.

Here are Minecraft’s trailer and a video about Microsoft.



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