2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games

The 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games started with a bang in Nanjing, China on August 16. Like the Olympic Games, these Games are a competition in different sports and are held every four years. However, they are for athletes between the ages of 15 and 18. Over 3,500 athletes are competing in 28 sports at these Games over a 12-day period. This is the second time the Summer Youth Olympic Games have taken place. The first time was in Singapore in 2010.

The Olympic torch for the Summer Youth Games was lit at a ceremony in Olympia, Greece in April (image). The first part of the torch relay was virtual. Folks had to download the app on their devices. They could pass the flame to their friends by touching their devices together. This was followed by a short physical torch relay in Nanjing.


Nanjing is located in Eastern China. It is famous for paper cut art (image).

You can follow the games hereHere is a video showing some of the highlights from the opening ceremony of the Games. Here is a tutorial on cutting a paper flower.


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