New leaders elected

Three countries across the world elected new Presidents in the last few days. These countries are Ukraine, Guinea-Bissau, and Egypt.

In Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko won. Poroshenko is a very wealthy businessman who has the nickname the ‘Chocolate King’ as one of the companies he owns is a candy and sweets factory. Since November last year, there has been unrest in Ukraine. Many Ukrainians were unhappy with their government, and in February, the country’s president left Ukraine. A temporary government was put in place. In March, a region of Ukraine named Crimea declared itself as part of Russia. Pro-Russian folks in some other parts of Ukraine are fighting with the government as they want their regions to become part of Russia as well. Ukraine and Russia used to be part of the same nation called the Soviet Union (USSR) until 1991 when it was split. The new president is expected to take over in June. Ukraine’s national instrument is considered to be a stringed instrument called bandura (image).

Presidential elections were held in Guinea-Bissau, and Jose Mario Vaz won. He used to be the country’s finance minister. Guinea-Bissau was ruled by Portugal until the country got its independence in 1974. Since then, there has been a lot of political unrest in the country. Many past presidents have been forced to step down. A temporary government has been leading the country since 2012. Cashew nuts is one of the main exports of Guinea-Bissau. It’s capital city’s name is easy to remember – it’s Bissau. A popular musical instrument is the Kora – a string instrument made out of dried calabash, a gourd.

Egypt also held presidential elections, and Abdul Fattah al-Sisi won. There has been unrest in Egypt since 2011, when the people forced the country’s president, Hosni Mubarak, to step down. He had been Egypt’s leader for nearly 30 years. The military took over and a new president was elected in 2012. He was in power for just a year, when the military forced him to step down as well. Now a new president has been elected.  Al-Sisi was an Egyptian military commander. The oud is a popular instrument used in Egyptian music. It is a string instrument.

You can hear the bandura here.

You can watch somebody playing the kora here.


You can hear somebody playing the oud here.

Did you know?

There are four countries in the world with the word “Guinea” in their names: Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Papua New Guinea, and Equatorial Guinea.

Image Credits: for bandura’s image, KannanShanmugamstudio, Main Road, Kollam for kora’s image, for oud’s image

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