Festival de Cannes 2014

The Festival de Cannes (pronounced “kaan”), one of the world’s most famous and prestigious film festivals, was held from May 14 to 25. The festival is held every year in the town of Cannes, France. Film celebrities from all over the world were in attendance. The highest award at the festival is the Palme d’Or (French for “Golden Palm”) which was awarded to a Turkish film “Winter Sleep”. The festival is quite large. Last year, it was attended by over 29,000 film professionals and 3,900 journalists. An unofficial award is also given to the dog that has the best performance in a film. The award is called the Palm Dog and the winner this year were the 250 dogs in the Hungarian film “White God“.

The Cannes film festival was first held 68 years ago, but that’s only about half as old as film-making itself. Photography, or the art of “still pictures” was invented in the 1820s. It was only in the 1890s that “moving pictures” were invented. The Lumiere brothers, Auguste and Louis (image), invented a device in France to record and show moving pictures. They called it the “cinematographe”, from which we get the word “cinema”. Their first film was “La Sortie des usines Lumière”, which was just 46 seconds long. They did the first paid public showing of their films in Paris, the capital of France, on December 28, 1895. Many scholars view this event as the “birth of cinema”. Years later, Louis Lumiere was asked to become the first president of a film festival – the Festival de Cannes.

You can watch “La Sortie des usines Lumière” here.

Image Credits: http://www.france.fr for Lumiere borthers’ image

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